Maintaining Your Roof is Critical for Longevity.

To have the most efficient roof you should support it with the proper maintenance.

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Montgomery County Roof Maintenance

It is imperative that you keep up with your yearly check-ups on your roof. One small issue can lead to much bigger ones.

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Our company is specialized in roof installs and repairs. Yet, the best way to keep your roof away from any one of these repairs that are costly and hard to execute is to opt for a maintenance service. We can provide you with the best maintenance service for roofs of all shapes and sizes that you’ll ever find in our state. We do this by engaging in regular check-ups with you and making sure your roof is well kept.

The most famous cause of any roof issues is poor maintenance. The roof is actually the largest part of your house, which means it should undergo regular inspections and maintenance. This is also the most valuable piece of your house because your roof can sit with you forever, or, if it’s poorly maintained, it can cost you a fortune to rebuild. With good care, you can have your roof untouched for between 20 to even 40 years or longer.

Regular maintenance drastically increases the life of your roof. The truth is, the roof is bombarded with all sorts of weather conditions. It gets rain, stormy winds, hail, snow and so forth on a yearly basis. It is crucial to provide your roof with good maintenance in order to avoid any important damages. This process also increases the lifespan of the roof. With some roofs, no maintenance could mean a repair or, in more extreme cases, even a complete roof replacement, which means your costs will be much bigger.

The question you might be asking yourself is how often should I have my roof examined? This depends. The age of the roof plays an important role in here, but also the weather conditions of the zone you’re living in. Also, any previous problems that were not resolved can also increase the regular check-ups we might have to do in order to ensure a good maintenance practice. It doesn’t even matter if your roof is new or not because those roofs are also in need of maintenance. Especially those roofs. You just paid a ton of money on the roof, why wouldn’t you want to have it perfectly maintained by a team of experts?

Speaking of new roofs, it’s important to consider the sense of false trust and security the warranty provides. Just because you bought a roof with a warranty, does not mean you purchased a maintenance service with the warranty. The warranty is just a warranty. Every single warranty will have its exceptions, which means its value is limited at best. You need to read the warranty as thoroughly as possible and discover if it actually covers the repairs or is just about the roof itself and the materials. Some warranties are lost even if you have the courage to install a satellite dish on your house, so do make sure you look into the document.

Most roofing companies require you to have a professional inspection of your roof every few months or years. This can also be the case after a big weather event. If you can’t provide proof that these check-ups have been made, you will most likely run into issues and this will result in you losing your warranty.

Another important aspect has to do with the looks of the roof. You are the one who’s deciding what’s your house going to look like. If you’re sane, you’ll want your house to look appealing, pretty and inviting. This means your roof is in great shape, although most people neglect it. Because the roof is literally over their heads, some people simply take it for granted and literally forget about it.

The roof is also the first thing your neighbors or the people who’d like to become your neighbors will notice once they reach your street. If you’re at least a little bit familiar with real estate, you know the exterior of the house can make or break a sale in a heartbeat. For example, if you have a clogged gutter, you will ruin the landscape because of the poorly shaped gutters that haven’t been done properly. The algae that can grow on your roof is another important aspect to keep in mind, as it can also create ugly black marks or streaks on the roof.

The good news is, most of these problems can easily be fixed by a regular maintenance service. Our teams will clean your roof and remove any debris as soon as there’s some on it, while you just sit back, relax and feel the fact that we’ve got you covered. Literally.

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