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Basic Roofing Nails


Types of Roofing Nails

And the roofing industry roofing nails to use to fasten are secure shingles, roof tiles and felt underlayment. When choosing the right meals for your work, it helps to know information all the different types of nails that are available. If you’re not too familiar with roofing, then you would be surprised at how many different types of nails there are that are made from different materials and different sizes. The one similarity they all have is that they have wide, flat heads and short shanks. Roofing nails can vary length and can be up to 6cm. Roof Nails Image

Now, roofing nails may look alike, but it is important to pay close attention as using the wrong nail can not only damage your roof, but can also ruin your work. Roofing nails can be categorized depending on the material that is used such as aluminum, copper, galvanized and stainless steel. Galvanized can further be divided into hot galvanized, electro plated and mechanically plated roofing nails. Aside from the categories, there are 3 basic roofing nails. (you can also pick them up at your local Home Depot)
Below we’ll explain the difference between the ring shanks, smooth shank and screw shank nails.

Screw shank nails: These nails are usually twisted with sharp tips. They are best use if you have a roof made out of wood and pallets. Because the nails twisted it is able to strongly secure your roof. It can provide a ease of mind especially in bad weather. Because the shank nail has a flat head and a pointy tip it is a lot easier to penetrate the roofing material without causing any problems.

Ring shank nails: These nails usually have a bigger head under made from galvanized steel such has zinc-plated for electro galvanized carbon. This is perfect for fastening shingles, and are predominantly used for roofing with asphalt felts. It is very strong and durable, and can hold on to roofing materials in hostile weather conditions. However, these are not Sharp as a screw shank nail can often put stress on the roofing materials which can cause slippage with this mail especially in wooden roofs.

Smooth shank nails: The standard and budget friendly roofing nails are smooth shank nails. There usually made the stainless steel, copper or aluminum and are one of the cheapest, but they are not as strong as the other types of nails. The length of the nail you need will vary based on what material are using for example you may use 2.5cm nails for projects with asphalt shingles but if you are dealing with the wooden shingles, because they are ticker you will need bigger and longer nails. However, the only drawback is that they will not provide resilient support for your roof.

So, depending on the type of roof you may have as well as your budget constraints, you will have to put serious thought into which type you may need and which will be better suited to your roof.